• How to choose Wall Art for your home

    Curious about how to choose the right wall art for your space? I can help, and I promise it won’t be overwhelming! When choosing art the first thing I do is decide on a style. Am I looking for abstract art or realist art? Once I have nailed that down I'm ready to start the search!
  • How to start painting

    Painting has been a lifelong passion for me. Whether it’s for pleasure, work, or therapy, I always strive to make it part of my daily life. I started painting when I was young, like most everyone else, but it really took off in high school. I found that during my free periods and study hall I would make my way to the art room to hang out and my style of choice always came back to abstract expressionism. The freedom of mark making and colors was such freedom for me. The time spent in the art room creating abstract expressionist work was a time for me to be by myself, creating who knows what! All I know is the feeling it left with me; the feeling of peace and joy and that is something I have carried that with me my whole life. I would love to share the joy it brings me with anyone who is willing to try it!
  • Ode to Summer

    A fun idea turned into final collection. I dont know when the idea popped into my head but it is likely when I was sitting on a beach, drinking a P...
  • Talk Derby To Me!

    Talk Derby To Me!
  • Abstract Painting is a personal experience for the painter and the one who views it

    Abstract Painting is personal!
  • New Product | Seascape Candle

    Im so excited to introduce a new collaboration with a fellow female entrepreneur. I have been wanting to expand my store as far as what is offered ...
  • Drone Pilot

    Certified drone pilot at your service. I am excited to share my experiences with you!
  • I want your input!

    Advice and Feedback on current products and items you would like to see available. Share it here!
  • Welcome!

    New year, new website! Come take a look and browse the sunny skies and umbrella filled beaches!