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Im so excited to introduce a new collaboration with a fellow female entrepreneur. I have been wanting to expand my store as far as what is offered and the first item that came to mind was candles. Candles have this magical way of transporting you to past experiences and dreamy places. I wanted mine to take you to that relaxing vacation destination where the only thing you had to worry about was what drink you were ordering next! 

I worked with Let there be Light and tested scents and containers for months and finally settled on the first debut scent, Seascape. To me, its the perfect introductory scent to couple with my brand of color, light and wonder. It blends oceanic aromas of sweet and salty with mild undertones of vanilla and amber; it truly is the perfect candle to burn while you plan your next getaway.

The soy is made from US soybean growers and the glass jars are handmade so expect slight discrepancies; which I think adds to the charm. With a burn time of 40-60 hours (if you leave it burning for hours on end it will shorten the lifespan), it is sure to last for quite some time. 

I would love to know what you think! Please check them out and leave a review!

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  • Love it! Wonderful candle and the beautiful print of the ocean make for a perfect combo!

    Jess Owens

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