How to choose Wall Art for your home

Curious about how to choose the right wall art for your space? I can help, and I promise it won’t be overwhelming! When choosing art the first thing I do is decide on a style. Am I looking for abstract art or realist art? Once I have nailed that down I'm ready to start the search!

1.Think about WHERE. Are you looking to put a piece in a high traffic area like an entryway or kitchen or perhaps more of a private area like a bedroom?
2. Look at the surrounding COLOR PALETTE in the area you choose. Are they mostly earth tones? Bright jewel tones? Monochromatic? If you have mostly neutrals and earth tones, a piece with a couple pops of color could modernize the space. Or if you are looking for tranquility, keeping the color palette in the same family will be calming.
3. Figure out a SIZE that makes sense for the space. I never suggest filling up an entire wall with a piece of art. Having negative space around the art gives the eye a resting zone and is important. It also enables the art have more of an impact. I like my eye level to more or less be in the middle to upper part of the canvas. I never want strain my neck to look way up or down. ✨
Helpful bonus tip ✨If the artist is local I suggest asking to go to their studio space. Seeing a piece in person makes a HUGE difference. You have the opportunity to truly connect with the art, see the layers, get an accurate color read, and feel the energy. Also taking some fabric swatches or wall color chips is helpful to see if it’s a good fit.
Don’t forget to HAVE FUN! Art brings a story to your space through color and shape. What kind of story are you wanting to display and ultimately tell?

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