Drone Pilot

Long before I was flying in the sky I was taking photos on land. A few years ago I wanted a challenge not only for my career, but for me personally. I told my husband, "Im going to buy a drone and create wall art." Like a good husband, he was nothing but encouraging. I love to travel so it seemed like a natural fit!

A few weeks later I had a drone and a week a few weeks after that I went to Mexico with a friend. I studied and researched and decided to buy the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The first time I flew was in Todos Santos, Mexico, just north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was pretty nervous about flying so I went to google and found what appeared to be a remote beach and hoped no one was there! We parked and walked out and saw the beach was wide open, and the water was beautiful! One of my favorite images is this one, Todos Santos Rough Water. 

Im a certified pilot and let me tell you the studying was no joke. I went to our airport for the exam and a majority of the questions were for aviation pilots. It was challenging, and Im glad I put the time and energy in to learning the FAA rules and regulations. Flying a drone is loads of fun but being safe is the top priority. 

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