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Messin' Around Art Print

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This Gicleé Art Print is made from a piece that truly begun my career as an abstract artist
"Messin' Around" is an original 24" x 30" acrylic + oil pastel abstract art piece was just that; Messin around in my art studio. I was so free to play with color and texture and material, I wasnt so much focused on creating a finished piece but more focused on exploration. There are so many small meaningful moments hidden away in this piece and I still find pockets that are new to me when I look at it.

Each print has been meticulously refined to exactly match the original piece. After months of ordering test samples and color correcting I have landed on the perfect replica and I'm thrilled to be sharing it. The gicleé print comes in a handful of sizes sure to match your needs and the detail and texture is top of the line. Each size offered has been carefully chosen to be easily put into a frame readily available from a local craft shop. 

Archival matte gicleé paper holds archival inks that won't fade over time. Texture and detail are shown due to the high quality printing.

Please note, due to the nature of this originating as a handmade item and the variation of computer screens, colors and tones might vary.